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Asia Pacific Golf Championship (APGC) October 23-26th 2014.

Asia Pacific Golf Championship (APGC) October 23-26th 2014.

Three Sri-Lankan amateur golfers with the highest World Amateur Golf Rankings from Sri-Lanka were invited to play in the APGC at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.  The three players are: N. Ranga, Sisira Kumara and Pradeep Kumara. the Team way accompanied by Dilhan Abhayaratne - Manager and John Attygalle & Dilip Kumar - Golf Ambassadors for the Sri-Lanka Golf Union (SLGU) in Australia. 

Presentation of gift to Mr Billy Payne, The Chairman -Masters - Augusta Georgia, U. S. A. by Dilhan Abhayaratne and John Attygalle on behalf of the S.L.G.U. at the APGC, Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

RCGC Club Champion of 2014

grande dame yet young and active and  atractive

Amrith is RCGC Club Champion of 2014
It is time Amrith get some competition as he is breezing with club championships ,despite not even playing usual club games.
May we say an eye opener to the other dedicated players who are at the course more often.
What can be inferred by this is that once a brain is ingrained with the feel of the shot, it stays long and good enough to out-play ,any one who simply plays without any conscious effort to the mind. It is not the muscle memory - it is the brain memory. Muscles have no memory,  repeated drills to get the methods right is questionable indeed. Get the mind right for the target hit.

Rusi was doing the same thing for years, playing and winning only the club championship; age  has caught him up for Younger Amrith to take over. Damaru Golf is surprised with youngsters who fell behind during the semis, especially Sachin who carried lots of promise as a future golfer. May we hear fr…