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full house at Etisalt golftournament 2013 @RCGC

Full house At The 4th Annual Etisalat Golf Classic

 Etisalat Golf Classic recently concluded amid glitz and glamour at the Royal Colombo Golf Club (RCGC), with the overall winners from the Etisalat Elite Club awarded all expenses paid golf tours to Abu Dhabi.

Sanjiv Vairavanathan emerged as the Elite Club Men’s Overall Winner with 41 points (B/B9), while Niranjalee Amarasuriya took the grand prize for the Elite Club Ladies’ Overall Winner with 39 points (B/B9).

The grand prizes, presented to the winners by Director/ Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Lanka, Dumindra Ratnayaka, entitles them to an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi flying Business Class and includes airport transfers, transport and five-star accommodation. Once in Abu Dhabi, the well-deserved winners will have the opportunity of playing three rounds on the greens of the renowned Abu Dhabi Golf Club, as well as attending the Abu Dhabi Open international golf tournament.

Commenting at the culmination of this year’s tourna…

professional golf malaysia: Why Malaysian golfers lagging behind the golfers f...

professional golf malaysia: Why Malaysian golfers lagging behind the golfers f...: Why Malaysian golfers lagging behind the golfers from adjacent countries lets get to the point with no frills 1- reason one - private...

Most Promising Young Golfer for 2013-14,


July Pin Fernando Grand Prix at VGCR 2nd August Final day result

Most Promising Young Golfer for 2013-14

Chanaka Perera Awarded Douglas de Silva Scholarship
Dilhan de Silva (3rd from left) and Lal Dias (2nd from left, President of Sri Lanka Golf Union) handing over a Golf set to Chanaka Perera (4th from left) The Most Promising Young Golfer for 2013-14. Also in the picture, in left is Dilhan Abhayaratne (1st from left, The Hon. Treasure of Sri Lanka Golf Union)

Chanaka Perera19 year old school boy from D.S.Senanayaka College was awarded Douglas de Silva Scholarship for the Most Promising Young Golfer for 2013-14, at the Royal Colombo Golf Course on 8th July. The Award was made jointly by Sri Lanka Golf Union President Lal Dias and Son of Douglas de Silva’s son Dilhan de Silva. This Scholarship was the Brain Child of his two sons Dilhan and Herin de Silva. Douglas de Silva was a Keen Golfer who was much into charity and helping promising Golfers reach the top. Interestingly Timothy de Silva, the duo’s grandfather was the first the Sri Lanka amateur to win the local Sri Lanka Amateur Golf Ch…

Royal Colombo Golf May Monthly Medal 2013

May Monthly Medal 2013 (18/05/2013 CSS: 72 Par: 71)

Division 1 Result
1st Sheron Fernando 74-5=69
2nd Zaffar Sikkander 76-6=70
3rd W. A. K. Fernando 81-8=73

Division 2 Result
1st A. V Rajendra 84-16=68
2nd Gehan Siribaddana 81-12=69
3rd Gihan Wickramasinghe 83-13=70

Division 3 Result
1st Mahendra Jayasekera 90-21=69
2nd Gimmy Ang 93-23=70
3rd D. S. Polonowita 92-19=73

Royal Colombo Golf club South West MONSOON-- Aggregate Gold Medal Winner 2013

Amendment: Aggregate Gold Medal Winner 2013 (17/06/2013 )
1st Sheron Fernando 303
2nd Kushal Johnpillai 312
3rd Sachin De Silva 312

Squadron Cup 2013 Winner (17/06/2013 )
1st Ishira Fernando 277
2nd Sheron Fernando 283
3rd Amal Cabraal 285

South West Monsoon Meet 2012 Final Round (16/06/2013 CSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st Sheron Fernando 72-5=67
2nd Chandana Weerasinghe 78-10=68
3rd Sunil Jayakody 79-11=68

Vicroria Cup 2013 Winner (15/06/2013 )
1st Ananda Jayasekera 7368=141
2nd Ishira Fernando 7071=141
3rd Dihan D. Dedigama 7369=142

South West Monsoon Meet 2013 II (09/06/2013 CSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st Ishira Fernando 75-13=62
2nd Anil De Silva 91-25=66
3rd Wenders Shieh 81-13=68

RCGC First ever inter school Golf tournament

RCGC Inter School Stableford Golf 2013 (22/06/2013 SSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st Upul De Silva 44pts
2nd Anil De Silva 43pts
3rd Ivor Maharoof 42pts

Royal Colombo Golf --June Monthly Medal 2013

warwick by Dunlop probably 50 years ago

June Monthly Medal 2013

Seniors (29/06/2013 CSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st K B Ambanpola 82-13=69
2nd K Sellayah 85-15i=70
3rd U Wickremaratne 88-18=70

 Masters (29/06/2013 CSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st A. Wimalaratne 88-24=64
2nd Harendra De Silva 90-22=68
3rd Ajith Dissanayake 82-11=71

Division 1 Result
1st N. Wettimuny 70-6=64
2nd Sachin De Silva 70-4=66
3rd F Dossa 75-8=67

Division 2 Result
1st Noordeen Sethwala 81-15=66
2nd John Scarth 79-13=66
3rd Kris Krishnarajah 79-11=68

Division 3 Result
1st Gihan Hemachandra 87-25=62
2nd A. Jafferjee 95-25=70
3rd Anura Balasuriya 91-21=70

Royal Colombo Golf Club July Monthly Medal

July Monthly Medal  well done winners- Keep playing nice to look at golf

2013 Seniors (06/07/2013 SSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st A M Jayawardena 80-20=60
2nd J M Wanigasekera 80-18=62
3rd M A S Dias 85-17=68

July Monthly Medal 2013 Masters (06/07/2013 SSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st J. H. Chung 79-17i=62
2nd Christopher Dias 86-19=67

3rd Ajith Dissanayake 78-11=67

Division 1 Result
1st Mihindu Chandrasoma 77-9=68
2nd S Vairavanathan 76-6=70
3rd Avanka Herath 79-9=70

Division 2 Result
1st Thusith Wijesinghe 79-13=66
2nd Nihal Keppetipola 81-14=67
3rd Rohith Fonseka 83-15=68

Division 3 Result
1st Tissa Nanayakkara 89-26=63
2nd Mr N Wadugodapitiya 89-24=65
3rd Vitus Fernando 88-21=67