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Sri Lanka Open 2014 by damaru golf sri lanka

Ancient Golfing nation-a  Re Birth
Sri Lanka Open 2014    for more reading please visit

Await more  from Damaru Golf the  Asian Golf Broadcaster who play  golf to understand the game inside out.They will be at the greens  mingling with the nature-- birds, cattle,Villagers, Reptiles Pond boys and Ancient trains too  for more  come back

Royal Colombo Golf Club President Trophy 2015

Royal Colombo Golf Club President Trophy  2015
day one

Presidents Cup 2014 Masters Div (20/12/2014 CSS: 74 Par: 71)
1st U. A. Somaratne 95-21c=74
2nd Ranjit Perera 91-12c=79
3rd Kumar Boralessa 92-13c=79

Presidents Cup 2014 - A, B, & C Div (20/12/2014 CSS: 73 Par: 71)
1st Prashan Peiris 73-4c=69
2nd Amal Cabraal 83-11c=72
3rd Harin Udeshi 85-12c=73

Sri Lanka Junior Open Golf Championship 2014 Leaders are from the periphery of RCGC

Sri Lanka Junior Open Golf Championship 2014  Leaders  are from the periphery     of RCGC What is the need for members  kids to follow suite

Organized by

Day 1 of this 3 round championship got underway with the favourites leading the field.
Lamindu Rainaka carded an 81 followed closely by Hiruna Sigera on 82, Buddika Jayalath 84, Prashan Lakshitha 85, Armand Flamer-Caldera and Praveen Raj on 89 being the top 5 Juniors vying for the main Gold Division title for 17 years and under.
In the Silver Division for 11-14 years, the top 3 contenders completed rounds of 81 – Sathsara Dilshan, 83 – Taniya Minel, and 83 - Vinod Weerasinghe.
In the Bronze Division for years 10 and under for 2 rounds of 9 holes each to be played over 2 days, Nigel Fernando on 40 strokes has a slender lead of 1 stroke over Levon Niyarapola on 41 with K. Danushan 45…

Monthly Medal December 2014 (13/12/2014 CSS: 71 Par: 71)

Monthly Medal December 2014 (13/12/2014 CSS: 71 Par: 71)

Division 1 Result
1st Johnny De Saram (v) 79-9c=70
2nd Chandana Weerasinghe 80-9c=71
3rd Kushal Johnpillai 76-5c=71

Division 2 Result
1st Srimath Dias Perera 79-11c=68
2nd Nishan Navaratne 82-13c=69
3rd Prof. A H Sheriffdeen 85-15c=70

Division 3 Result
1st Ravi Guneratne 94-20c=74
2nd Isam Salie 98-23c=75
3rd Gimmy Ang 98-22c=76

Monthly Medal December 2014 Masters (13/12/2014 CSS: 72 Par: 71)
1st U. A. Somaratne 91-23c=68
2nd Dr. R. S. Senarath Yapa 86-17c=69
3rd D Hettiarachchie 97-25c=72

Monthly Medal December 2014 Seniors (13/12/2014 CSS: 72 Par: 71)
1st D. Serasinghe 91-20c=71
2nd Dr. Dharmaratna Herath 92-20c=72
3rd D Hewawasam 93-19c=74

Battling teams- Royal Colombo Golf Club Vs Nuwara Eliya Golf Club 2014

Ancient Golfing nation-Coming -May be Back to life

The teams that battled on this day   --More  pictures  at  -------
Victorious  Royal Colombo Golf Club  - well done With Nuwara  Eliya Golf Club - Well played Gentlemen

PSS  OVER HEARD  whispers   of the  Club members

Captain -expected to celebrate with the whole club for breaking the three year drought

Ryder cup of Sri Lanka--112th Burdett Trophy 2014,@ ROYAL COLOMBO GOLF CLUB

Sri Lankas  Golf and   as played in the land of origin of the game -Tradition lives on Now over 112 years  Ryder Cup Styled , Annually unlike  biennial Ryder cup  . That is the Burdett Trophy since 1927 .This Contest started 25 years before Ryder cup and 112 years beforeEura-Asia Cupthe Popular Similar formatted Match play styled game Between Asia and Europe. The former Europe vs. the US
at Play  Habits,Inborn Style over rule-
 10000 ball -practiced

Burdett  trophy since 1902 is the Golfing Contest to win between- between Royal Colombo Golf Club and Nuwara Eliya Golf club---like The Ryder Cup involves variousmatch playcompetitions.

Unfortunately, Golf in Sri Lanka at present can only boast of its age. Not in Performance. The Present Union Secretary ANA known to be the man behind Cricket world cup win is trying hard to turn table. A Long arduous task considering extremely limited facilities at his disposal. Colombo City boasted three golf clubs probably century ago, …