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M. Arumugam A FINE Golfer from Sri Lanka

Golf Sri Lanka Ancient Golfing nation-a Re Birth


M. Arumugam A FINE Golfer from Sri Lanka- Born 02nd June 1969 - Passed Away - 21st February 2017
ARMUGUM  with a face of eternal pasted smile, Tiny is size, a precision hitter , down to earth unassuming golfer who hardly practice  due to economic reasons. He loves the game, a Caddy all day  - supporting his family.Then takes the club and ball for golfing events  that come along.Most of the time he carries few clubs and not the whole set of 14.A contrast to ubiquitous, full arsenal carrying golfers

Plays brilliant game that is consistent. A familiar  style among all who hang around the periphery of RCGC ,making a living as caddy He was determined to earn a  PRO  CARD but could not due same reasons of funds. Yet he excelled among the pros in many occasions. #DAMARU GOLF SALUTE ARMUGUM

A  self taught golfer who reached pinnacle of sri lanka golfer. He  a  feel driven golfer.Playing as it fits the occasion and…