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Asian Tour Game play by RCGC trio- No Florida-

Selangor Masters 2014-----------------------------

Mithun,Anura Rohana,Zen Dharmaratne  have gained entry to play 1.2 million RM Selangor  Masters.
This is big time golf in Asia. Does any have to go florida to learn to hit a ball to target ????
If the answer is yes can we read how ? Take a small example Putting where over 50% of the game is .-----
A six  foot put with break left to right. Unknown speed of the green ! Is it possible for any to give specific advice how this shot be played.Often one hear 3 ball to the left or like .Does this advice hold any water?? Speed of the hand,speed of the green, governs the break ?! So how is it exactly 3 ball the to the left? Could it not be possible four  balls if the speed is slow or 2  ball if the speed is fast.Can this be answered in Florida ?????