RCGC Club Champion of 2014

grande dame yet young and active and  atractive

Amrith is RCGC Club Champion of 2014

It is time Amrith get some competition as he is breezing with club championships ,despite not even playing usual club games.

May we say an eye opener to the other dedicated players who are at the course more often.

What can be inferred by this is that once a brain is ingrained with the feel of the shot, it stays long and good enough to out-play ,any one who simply plays without any conscious effort to the mind. It is not the muscle memory - it is the brain memory. Muscles have no memory,  repeated drills to get the methods right is questionable indeed. Get the mind right for the target hit.

Rusi was doing the same thing for years, playing and winning only the club championship; age  has caught him up for Younger Amrith to take over. Damaru Golf is surprised with youngsters who fell behind during the semis, especially Sachin who carried lots of promise as a future golfer. May we hear from Sachin, the real reason behind his unexpected play.

More on club championship--Decades ago an outstanding Golfer wining the club championship over and over again was the norm. That was the era when professional golf was not at the door step and the journey more difficult. Present day professional golf has become lucrative and easily available   for outstanding  golfers. It is time Amrith take on professional golf and bring some credit to the Team Sri Lanka. Just few years ago It was Zen Dharmaratne who won both Nuwra Eliya and Royal Colombo Golf then giving up amature golf for professional Carrie at the age of 21.Similarly  Damaru Golf expect Sachin ,Prashan Peris,Iskandar likes to give seasoned Golfer like Amrith good competition and create some excitement to the event,Rather than finishing on the 10 the hole-

Damaru Golf –wondering where were the  good regular’s of RCGC  -Vira,Alen,and likes

2014 club championship-- RESULTS
26 Years old Amrith De Soyza won the Royal Colombo Golf Club Championship for the 3rd 

time. He defended the title he won last year when he beat surprising finalist, tennis star Rajeev 

Rajapakse 10/8 in the 36-hole final. Rajeev beat number 2 seed Sachin De Silva in the semis, 

while Amrith beat Suhaib Sangani to enter the finals. In the ladies finals, Shyanika Fernando 

beat Kishani Vethavinayakam 8/7.

Mens Silver Division   Winner              -  Armand Flamer Caldera 

                                       Runner Up            -  Milinda Ratnayake

Mens Bronze Division  Winner            -  Viran Perera

                                        Runner Up           -  Ehantha Sirisena
Mens Seniors Division Winner             -  Dr. S.A.K. Abayawardene

                                        Runner Up           -  Dr. H.B. Abbey

Mens Masters Division Winner           -  Shiran De Zoysa

                                           Runner Up        -  T.A. Weerasinghe

Ladies Bronze Cup Winner                    -  Iman Sangani

                                  Runner Up               -  Roshini Sangani

more ON THE EVENT  concluded - for the first time in the history .,The event took steps for charity by way of an auction of players .Some won some lost -BUT in all - all did good  for the humanity-for the deprived while blasting the little ball all over by grown up men  like the little boys- Yes all sportsmen have a heart of a child. How else  can any explain running around the green with a stick and a ball.

Since last Club championship Colombo has changed immensely
One of them is the floating market built by the ranaweera soldiers.Take time to stroll

Colombo s Beauty


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