CaptainS cup 2015 at RCGC

Ancient Golfing nation-a Re Birth

Balls have evolved, clubs have evolved, teaching methods have evolved. Equipment assisting practice has evolved with a promise of sending the  ball to target-Statistically the accuracy of an average Golfer has not increased over decades and more .WHY?
 Ball getting target rest inside the mind. If one has it, then it can be polished – for best state only by self-pushed by relentless desire

royal colombo golf club

We at Damaru Golf Sri Lanka  chapter salute  the captain who tirelessly worked for the cub to make a  little better in the best possible way he could .All voluntarily  done.What his name??? It does not matter the name he did all of that???within 12 months

Damaru Golf Sri Lanka Chapter

We saw new Paves - We saw  new TifEagle greens  finishing 18 the hole.There was more life in the premises.

We heard from the membership -"we expect the new regime to give us finley demarcated Bunkers, Hazard,Greens, Green fringes and even roughs-  Of course fairways that allow  slim dollar bill divots."
We also experience some new life at the cub with new events. So the members have a reason come to the club ,mingle with fellow members.
Expectation of the memberships
No so good looking bunkers-change

lovely bunkers -defined well

lines well defined

Now the final event of the year -- the captains cup.Well done to the winners and Thank you to all participants he probably said-

day one result

Captains Cup 2014 Seniors (07/03/2015 CSS: 74 Par: 71)
1st Kan Butani 94-19c=75
2nd Dr. H. B. Abbey 93-17c=76
3rd A. S. Abdeen 95-18c=77

Captains Cup 2014 Masters (07/03/2015 CSS: 72 Par: 71)
1st T. A. Weerasinghe 89-18c=71
2nd Mahasena Jayatilake 89-16c=73
3rd Dr. R. S. Senarath Yapa 92-16c=76

Captains Cup 2015 Round 1 (07/03/2015 CSS: 72 Par: 71)
1st Rohitha Silva 83-15c=68
2nd Sanka Edirisinghe 81-11c=70
3rd Damindra Fernando 76-6c=70

As noticed above some of  the veteran are getting better like the old brew in cask  diesel engine like hotter the engine better the hit..Where are the young and up and coming names??or the future of Golf in Sri Lanka??
lot of care- put to get the greens in order get surface and under right
shall we say Thank you

 all had a memorable time with the departing captain.for the record they are----

1 6:00 Dr  C Thurairaja(8) Li Chenglin(15) Prof. A  H Sheriffdeen(15)2 6:07 Yeun Kook Chung(11) Gamini Jayaweera(22) Arjun Fernando(9)3 6:14 Chandima Rodrigo(22) Gehan Siribaddana(9) C. Hettiaratchchi(17)4 6:21 Dilesh Wijeyasinghe(15) Gihan Wickramasinghe(11) Rohan Fernando(13)5 6:28 Dr. L. P. V. Jayaweera(13) Primal Wijayanayake(9) Anura Balasuriya(21)6 6:35 Chamath J Kulasinghe(14) Nimal Perera(14) A   D   S Gunasekera(19)7 6:42 Dehan De Silva(18) Suneth. Wijesinghe(22) Alain Gyi(4)8 6:49 S. Vethavinayakam(23) Ali Hussain Didi(11) Priyanga Hapugalle(13)9 6:56 C  H  S  K Piyaratne(10) Rohith Fonseka(14) Ranil Pieris(8)10 7:03 Dr. Ram Rajapaksa(21) Micheal Perera Magala(9) Mahendra Jayasekera(14)11 7:10 Rohitha Silva(15) Ananda Jayasekera(15) Damindra Fernando(6)12 7:17 Sanka Edirisinghe(11) Suren Waas(13) Roschen Perera(12)13 7:24 Caesar Fernando(14) Nirmal Hettiaratchy(7) Johnny De Saram(9)14 7:31 W. A. K. Fernando(9) Andy Anderson(15) Nilkamal Perera(10)15 7:38 Mahasena Jayatilake(16) T Fernandopulle(16) S. Weeraratne(16)16 7:45 Sunil Udalagama(16) J   J Ambani(16) Shahaz Zahir(17)17 7:52 Lal Dias(17) A. W. M. Reza(23) A Mylvaganam(28) 18 7:59 Dayananda Ukwatta(11) S.T.B. Jayasinghe C  P Rayen(18)1 6:00 Subodh Dakwale(18) Adrian Bakelmun(18) Kushal Johnpillai(5)2 6:07 Kapila Dandeniya(15) Sanka Mediripitiya(17) Rohan J. Perera(14)3 6:14 Aravind Fernando(16) Fazal Hameed(18) Afflli Raheem(10)4 6:21 Ramesh Carvalho(18) Thilak Wanasinghe(23) Eoin O. Mahony(20)5 6:28 Armand Flamer Caldera(13)Shafraz Zuhar(18) P. Nandala Weerasinghe(22)6 6:35 Hugh J. Mcconnell(16) Priyantha Kapuwatte(22) V. K. Vasan(23)7 6:42 Mihindu Chandrasoma(9) Darren Hall(2) M. L. Hirdramani(14)8 6:49 Suresh Mathew(26) Waruna Buwaneka(13) Rohan Fernandez(18)
9 6:56 Pandula Kuruppu(20) S. P. Fernando(22) Chandana Weerasinghe(9)10 7:03 Nishan Navaratne(12) Jerry Huxtable(17) Mindika Hettiarachchi(15)11 7:10 Anura Lokuhetty(15) Sunil Jayakody(11) Alli Jafferji(21)12 7:17 Vinod Weerasinghe(14) A. K. Thaper(24) Thusith Wijesinghe(12)13 7:24 Mangala Niyarepola(6) Irfan Thassim(17) Prashan Peiris(4)14 7:31 Ranjith Jayawardena(15) F Dossa(7) Lallith Rohith(6)15 7:38 Kamlesh Johnpillai(11) Sumeda Amarasinghe(12) Ravindra  S. Wijeguneratne(8)16 7:45 H.E. Qasim Qureshi(10) Nick Popescu(7) A. Hirdramani(15)