Mithun in usual relaxed form Before the Game MayBank Open Golf 2014 @ KLGCC

Mithun answers to Damaru Golf  (DG)

DG- Do you need a pro?
Mithun- Errr, errr, errr, may be for the mind and body only.
DG- Why the mind?
DG-  What is wrong with your mind?
DG - The body?
Mithun- I need someone to push me to get working as I have little time to push my self.
 DG- Very good, sure you will do well this time. We are behind you.
DG-  So you have a regular caddy travelling with you ,what is the real need?
Mithun- Well at times of doubt in putting lines and club selection I feel like getting another opinion - at times only. At that time a regular caddy is more helpful. I need to save one or two strokes for game. I think he can help me get that.
DG -Why the beard?
Mithun- Well I'm travelling and  it's very hot, so this beard is my sun guard!

Mithun and his pasted smile

Mithun in focus at KLGCC 
Others who were by the side of Mithun  
Malaysian favorite Gavin, he's an amateur but as good as a professional

Jeev Milka Singh - no coach like Mithun, unlike most
Hits like chopping wood - and is a marathon hitter. To the comment by DG "Your swing has changed over the years." he answers "Yes, I'm getting younger!"

Await more from DAMARU GOLF


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