Cream of pro golfers for Sri Lanka Open

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Cream of pro golfers for Sri Lanka Open

A galaxy of professional golfers will be seen in action at the ‘Solar Therm Sri Lanka Open 2014’ golf championship to be held at the Ridgeways course from January 27 to 30.
Sri Lanka’s top professional golfers in the likes of Mithun Perera, Anura Rohana, K. Prabagaran, Thangaraja and Vijitha Bandara will play alongside five professional golfers from India and two from Bangladesh.
Mithun Perera is in the nick of forms losing the top prize at a professional tour of India only last week. But Anura Rohana, who has won the Sri Lanka Open seven times has also been on the Indian pro tour for the past several years. However, they have been true ambassadors for Sri Lanka and have been able to talk to the Indian professional golfer to take part in this tournament this year.
20121122-Rd1-Anura Rohana
Prabagaran is the defending champion, will face the starter along with other leading players in the likes of Lalith Kumara, Tissa Chandradasa, M. Amarapadma along with leading amateur golfers like Amrith de Soysa, Rusi Captain, Arumugam, Sisira Kumara and youngsters like Prashantha Peiris, Ishira Fernando and Sachin de Silva and Zaffar Sikkander who are studying overseas are expected to join in the fray.
Former golfing legend Nandasena Perera too may tee off to add glamour to the event.
Zen Dharmaratne who is ranked 29th in the Malaysian Pro Golf, born in Malaysia to a Sri Lanka father, will also come down for this event. He will be sponsored by CML MTD for this event.
This prestigious tournament that was introduced by the Sri Lanka Golf Union in 1970 will be conducting this for the 44th year.
Generous sponsorships by Solar Therm who is the title sponsor and the affiliate sponsorship by UTE CAT and CML MTD will enable the golf union to offer the highest prize money this year.
The total prize money on offer is Rs. 2 million that will be offered to all those who qualify for the cut. The winner will be rewarded with Rs. 200,000/=.
The Pro-Am golf tournament has also been arranged to be played from January 25 in a shot gun start format to provide the opportunity for all amateur members to play with the professionals. Team and individual events for the Dudley Senanayake Trophy, Levers Challenge Shield, Levers Challenge Cup and the RCGC Cup will also be conducted concurrently. A maximum of 126 players on a first come first served basis will be able to play in the Pro-Am.

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