Ryder cup of Sri Lanka--112th Burdett Trophy 2014,@ ROYAL COLOMBO GOLF CLUB

Sri Lankas  Golf and   as played in the land of origin of the game -Tradition lives on Now over 112 years  Ryder Cup Styled , Annually unlike  biennial Ryder cup  . That is the Burdett Trophy since 1927 .This Contest started 25 years before Ryder cup and 112 years beforeEura-Asia Cup the Popular Similar formatted Match play styled game Between Asia and Europe. The former Europe vs. the US

at Play  Habits,Inborn Style over rule-
 10000 ball -practiced methods Lali.Elite.golf
Colombo Probably during the time or before the start of Burdett

Loaded with Traditions

Burdett   trophy since 1902 is the Golfing Contest to win between- between Royal Colombo Golf Club and Nuwara Eliya Golf club---like The Ryder Cup involves various match play competitions.
Ryder Cup

Unfortunately, Golf in Sri Lanka at present can only boast of its age. Not in Performance. The Present Union Secretary ANA known to be the man behind Cricket world cup win is trying hard to turn table. A Long arduous task considering extremely limited facilities at his disposal. Colombo City boasted three golf clubs probably century ago, Today there is only one –Royal Colombo Golf Club .Golf was neglected for reasons of being a Bourgeois game in this Island nation where Cricket is the most popular game –Talent s drawn to cricket more than golf. Cricket can be played in every empty street with a space of 100 sq. feet unlike golf. Equipment needed is just a bat .May be polpithi bats (a bat made of coconut leaf stem,
 polpithi bats (a bat made of coconut leaf stem,
and a ball maybe tennis ball or may be even kaduru bola (local plant fruit that is not edible) Yes this game has now evolved in to world class flood lit game with world class players
 kaduru bola (local plant fruit that is not edible)

Game consist of  fourball matches and four foursomes matches and singles
The winner of each match scores a point for his team, with ½ a point each for any match that is tied after the 18 holes. The winning team is determined by cumulative total points.

Enthusiastic preparation day before--  welcome cocktail

A foursome match is a competition between two teams of two golfers. On a particular hole the golfers on the same team take alternate shots playing the same ball. One team member tees off on all the odd-numbered holes, and the other on all the even-numbered holes. Each hole is won by the team that completes the hole in the fewest shots. A fourball  match is also a competition between two teams of two golfers, but all four golfers play their own ball throughout the round rather than alternating shots. 

lush green grass-rain fed

Team size is eight .  for the main event while recent 125 the anniversary trophy. Has no limit. As the objective  is getting all to play

Burdett trophy -despite being the oldest has No television nor  media coverage . Resulting in poor sponsorship As game at present does not draw much attraction. Even among the club ,members. As at present main feature that is contributing to lack luster is both teams are from the same club-Royal Colombo. Hence real competitive spirit is limited Time is ripe to change all this .This event can be transformed into a major sporting event in this  island nation similar to that of  in cricket  (NCC  vs SSC)and ruby ( CR HAVIS) 
Potential is  immense if  exploited  will certainly contribute to waking up of golf in  Sri Lanka as inborn talent of target hitting is in ample supply. The nation that created Dill scoop, Doosara, Slinger  .to the cricketing world.
This kind of event can help raise the level of enthusiasm among kids to take up Golf

Selection of teams. Is based on the  invitation for the main team. While recently introduces 125  the anniversary  is open to all interested provided both clubs have players to fill
Bothe clubs  prepare in advance . host club spruce up the course. as seen during the past week or so attending to rough edges of the course.

Course  - -Rain fed green green grass bearing the newly completed back nine with tiffeagle grass (for speedy surfaces)for true line putting.
Newly completed back nine gave the game true stature of real golf at speed of 11 or near, Heavy rain brought the course to a pristine state-- a beauty with rain fed lush green spreading the vast land filled with birds in flocks diving to ponds for fish
It was real rivalry Colombo vs  Hill Country at the beginning during the era when Alien planters were ruling the hill capital  Club .but not so now as both   teams come from members of Royal Colombo golf club who are members in Nuwra eliya too.
The friendly game get even more friendlier and now has become  a more of a fellowship . Where there is plenty of opportunity to cement friendship among golfers during the full days event and even before
This year 2014 event was held in Colombo ,Captained by the restless  do,er Mike and the Hillly Club by Seasoned Kristo. Event won by Colombo. Last year  it was Nuwara  Eliya. Results Tally since inception is heavily in favor of Colombo Club

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club, founded in 1889
The Royal Colombo Golf Club is the oldest Golf Club in Sri Lanka. Secodn in Asia
Established in before 1802
Burdett started in   1902 

Scrutiny-- Unlike the Ryder Cup Captain does not go around checking players- Wait -then look at the notice board for results
Captains of Smile

ROYAL COLOMBO GOLF CLUB Held On Saturday 29th November  2014

 at Royal Colombo Golf Club  112th Burdett Trophy 2014, 

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RESULTS - 112TH Burdett Trophy 2014
112th Burdett Trophy 2014 - Burdett Foursomes 

Sanjeewa Wickramanayake(7)                   Rajeeve Rajapaksa (7)                   5/4
L   T Samarawickrama (11)                        S Wettimuny (9)

Primal Wijayanayake (9)           3/2           Kushal Johnpillai (5)
Chandana Weerasinghe (9)                       Srinath Rajapakse (9)

Micheal Perera Magala (9)        1/2            Ravindra  S. Wijeguneratne (7)     1/2
W. A. K. Fernando(9)                                Srimath Dias Perera (11)

Sheron Fernando (4)                5/4           Suhayb Sangani (5)
Chandana Gunasekara (9)                        Wasantha De Silva (11)
Total                                     2 1/2                                                         1 1/2

112th Burdett Trophy 2014 - Burdett Single
Held On Saturday 29th November  2014 at Royal Colombo Golf Club
1 Alain Gyi(4) 4/3 Richel Hameed (9)
2 Murad Ismail (6) Harsha Abeywickrama (6) 6/5
3 Ranil Peiris(7) 2UP Nilkamal Perera (9)
4 Mihindu Chandrasoma (10) Johnny De Saram (9) 4/3
5 Primal Wijayanayake (9) 4/3 Suhayb Sangani (5)
6 Chandana Weerasinghe (9) 5/4 Ravindra  S. Wijeguneratne (7)
7 Sanjeewa Wickramanayake(7) Kushal Johnpillai (5) 4/3
8 Sheron Fernando (4) 1/2 Rajeeve Rajapaksa (7) 1/2
Total Score 7 Total Score 5   

125th Anniversary Trophy 2014

Shiran Fernando (12)2/1
Christopher Dias (18)
Farzan Sikkander (20)
Nihal Boralessa (10)
A. V Rajendra (14)

Ken De Alwis (14)3/2
Sunil Udalagama (16)
Ranjit Perera (12)
Prof. A  H Sheriffdeen (15)3/2
T Akbarally (11)
V. T. Sundaralingam(14)
Amal Cabraal (11)
John Scarth(8)3/1
S. M. A Hameed (16)
Jerry Huxtable (17)
Andy Anderson (15)
A. J. Ismail(15)
Saliya Senanayake (18)5/3
Glen Mathew (10)
Shiran De Soysa (11)
Malik Ahamadeen(11)5/4
Rohan J. Perera (14)
Lal Dias(17)
Lal Wickramathunga (12)
Tyronne Weerackody (17)
Nishan Navaratne (13)1 Up
Rohitha Silva (15)
Kamlesh Johnpillai (12)
Ranjith Jayawardena (15)
Sudath Kumar5/3
Rochen Perera(12)
D. Palihena
Mindika Hettiarachchi (15)5/4
Mr. E. D. Johnston (15)
Manjula Chandrasoma (9)
Nihal Perera (8)
Sanka Mediripitiya(17)3/2
Shahaz Zahir (17)
Thusith Wijesinghe(12)
Priyanga Hapugalle (13)
Nimal Piyaratne(13)1/2
Rohith Fonseka (13)1/2
Chamath J Kulasinghe (14)
Yemindra Udalagama (18)
Gihan Wickramasinghe (11)1/2
Thejan De Silva (21)1/2
Milinda Ratnayake(16)
D Hettiarachchie (25)
Gehan Siribaddana (9)4/3
Chandima Desinghe (16)
Druvi Sirisena (15)
Diluk Desinghe (18)
Dhammika Ranasinghe (18)1 up
Irfan Thassim (17)
Mangala Niyarepola (6)
M  I  Firaz Hameed (16)
Sumedha Amarasinghe (13)11:10
Ananda Jayasekera (15)3/2
Dinesh Fernando (10)
Ramesh Carvalho(18)
Total Score9
Total Score6

Sanjeewa Wickramanayake(7)Rajeeve Rajapaksa (7)5/4
L   T Samarawickrama (11)S Wettimuny (9)
Primal Wijayanayake (9)3/2Kushal Johnpillai (5)
Chandana Weerasinghe (9)Srinath Rajapakse (9)
Micheal Perera Magala (9)1/2Ravindra  S. Wijeguneratne (7)1/2
W. A. K. Fernando(9)Srimath Dias Perera (11)
Sheron Fernando (4)5/4Suhayb Sangani (5)
Chandana Gunasekara (9)Wasantha De Silva (11)
win -win lady captains Now worries

ROYAL COLOMBO GOLF CLUB   Vs Nuwara  Eliya  Laddies  tussle 
Puffin  Single 2014
Held On Saturday 29th November  2014 at Royal Colombo Golf Club
Royal Colombo Golf Club Team Results Nuwara Eliya Golf Club Team Results
1 Miss. Kishani Vethavinayakam (7) 1 Mrs. Michele Mirchandani (12) 5/3
Mrs K. Herath (19) Mrs. Rohina Johnston (30)
2 Mrs. Sharon Hall (12) 3/2 2 Mrs. Niranjali Amarasuriya (23)
Mrs. Irene Scarth (26) Mrs S Nirmalalingam(23)
3 Mrs. Myungock Jane Hong (13) 3 Mrs Niloo Jayathilake (9) 2/1
Mrs. Ruani Desinghe (25) Mrs. Janaki Sugathapala (32)
4 Mrs. Sumithra Ukwatta (14) 4 Mrs. Sumudu Desinghe (24) 2/1
Mrs. E. Tendulf-La (28) Mrs. D. Hameed (28)
Total Score 1    Total Score 3

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