Battling teams- Royal Colombo Golf Club Vs Nuwara Eliya Golf Club 2014

Ancient Golfing nation-Coming -May be Back to life

The teams that battled on this day   --More  pictures  at  -------
Victorious  Royal Colombo Golf Club  - well done With Nuwara  Eliya Golf Club - Well played Gentlemen

Seniors of Royal Colombo Golf Club  -  With Nuwara  Eliya Golf Club - 

Royal Colombo Golf Club Ladies -  With Nuwara  Eliya Golf Club - Ladies
Win -Win battle NO LOSERS

Again Victorious Royal Colombo Golf Club  -  With Nuwara  Eliya Golf Club - 

PSS  OVER HEARD  whispers   of the  Club members

Captain -expected to celebrate with the whole club for breaking the three year drought

Go if you have time to spare