RCGC July monthly medal sponsored by RCGC

A fine gesture by RCGC to honor the tournament winners on the same day, after the  game  at the cost of the club. Despite the out side sponsors taking a back seat (due to on-going renovation of the second-nine greens), the excitement of the game remained intact.

RCGC roads being renovated

In the evening at RCGC, the cozy Governors bar was packed with players who came to say "well done!". Special mention must be made of the A Division winner, Prashan Peiris, still a young school-going lad. Well done! We wish him a great golfing future ahead. Keep beating all the uncles!

On the side lines, former national cricketer, Sidath was giving a tip on how best one can put when the putting stance is correct. He said for the right-handed golfer: ensure the ball is right above the left eye for a consistent putt. Following this new find, he made 35 putts to clinch the Runner-up prize in Division A. Let's wait and see how he fares in his next game! When asked how many times he has found such MUST DO elements during his 15+ year golfing period, he laughed and said this is a game of amateurs, it is never ending.

Comments picked up from lali.elite.golf - a dedicated focused player in the class of a pro will find these MUST DOS will come automatically to the player as and when needed. Afterall, the fastest moving thing in the world are mental signals. Without some form of mental stability, having a good game within one's potential is limited.

RCGC 11TH HOLE to be laid with tifeagle grass -the entire back nine

At RCGC , even the birds love the game. Paradise indeed.  Golfers, please take care.


July Monthly Medal 2014 Masters (05/07/2014 CSS: 70 Par: 71)
1st Harendra De Silva 89-19c=70
2nd U. A. Somaratne 94-23c=71
3rd Dr. R. S. Senarath Yapa 91-20c=71

July Monthly Medal 2014 Seniors (05/07/2014 CSS: 71 Par: 71)
1st Dick Siebel 85-19c=66
2nd Kan Butani 87-19c=68
3rd S Weeraratne 87-17c=70

July Monthly Medal 2014 Divi A, B & C (05/07/2014 CSS: 71 Par: 71)

Division 1 Result
1st Prashan Peiris 75-5c=70
2nd S Wettimuny 80-9c=71
3rd Chandana Gunasekara 80-9c=71

Division 2 Result
1st H.E. Min Thein Zan 84-18c=66
2nd Mahendra Jayasekera 84-15c=69
3rd Glen Mathew 79-10c=69

Division 3 Result
1st Gamini Jayaweera 89-24c=65
2nd Diluk Desinghe 86-19c=67
3rd Dinuk Wijeratne 86-19c=67

The sunset at RCGC. 


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