learn GOLF from Mithun Perera

One can learn only observing his ways  is game  ,his practice and not  by listening to  what he say His golf hit is name THALLUWA-  prove this simple way of pushing the ball can make champions.That is what his father Nadasena did to be legendary golfer in Sri Lanka .THALLUWA is  Push hit  it is easy as A.B ,C

Mithun  does not give lessons .How ever If one  ask questions  he will answer. Still  he Did not answer the question  of Damaru Golf--what is the reason for success.Please Give a short answer.
 Mithun  STARTED TO WONDER .Damaru Golf wondered  whether Mithun consider him self as successful. That,s the modesty of Mithun.  Damaru  Golf instead evaluated reasons for his success.
winning is a way of life  not an event for celebration

He appears chubby stumpy, not very  athletic young man.Under this  cover of  totally deceiving looks -Mithun  Perera is a Mighty golfer who has tamed giants on the course  .Exhibit how    golf is  played  with ease.Yes Easy, relaxed, spontaneous.Done instinctively-- Proving game  of  golf  is not a chess like thoughtful act by a spontaneous act with skills within 

The style of Mithun is  not by  learning rocket science discipline, stance,grip,ball  position,swing plane, head  body position and all not for him or all that comes to play auto for him. not by conscious measurements.His father Nandasena ,s famous advice to any member is just push the balls -do not worry to much about how!it is done or how should be done  JUST PUSH OR THALLUWA

Mithun hit the ball with feel , instincts , inherent talent honed  polished in a very joyful manner. With dedicated intense interest reaching  limits breaking limits  is auto  Only  within limits inherent to  the individual    .

The  style is his ,that will not  suite another   So is  withe the style of Tiger. It is Tigers.
Similarly one  must develop a  style inherent to self and not try to borrow  from another. Mithun  certainly is blessed withe the genes of Nandasena. Both have similar  structure both have similar style of play.All they do is pushing  the ball very intelligently.they have identical walking style too.Both are masters in putting and chipping.

In brief he push -THALLU- the ball to where it should be- naturally almost always with a smiling face. The so called focus- he does not understand.Nor any special mental training.He relies on his deep seated invisible interest on getting target.


On the tee He place the ball then hit with no time taken to think.or  pre-routine acts.Similarly ON the fairways he simply land the ball to the  target not an ounce of pre-routine.

Total  golfing sense is the  guiding principle.  no theories, no book like methods , Alignment ,stance,body position ball position is all by sense of feel that come instantly to a man who grew up with golf clubs, balls, and the nearby golf course.His father was a legend in Sri Lanka  SAID He did not teach  his  son         ( Note- skills cannot be imparted /sold,bought but  must be acquired) but he acquired by himself stubbornly. His first episode of  golf was his shocking  creeping to the Nuwara Eliya   Golf  Club  putting green with his fathers putter not  informing any one  at the age of TWO  with wobbly walk . This act amply proves his inherent  talent and desire for the game.
Since then all progress was auto as he continued to play -Royal Colombo Golf realizing the potential  this kid special privileges were  bestowed to play as he please.
They are not  disappointed today as he is has become indeed a proud product of Royal Colombo  Golf Club.
natural golf  hit of Mithun
 when the hit is natural  it stays that way all the time

His forte is golfing sense, the way he feel where to place  the ball -well- for the next shot he is not intimidated by the long hitting partners instead  he stays steady on the course with his push like hit. Damaru Golf has  never seen an OB  by Mithun.

Mithun never had any formal  golf training. Never sought any help either despite RCGC offering him free renowned pros  for assistance.
Damru Golf noted one evening ,Mithun with a foreign pro at the driving range. Curiosity of Damru  Golf did not stop  till the question was answered ?
what did U learn ?  what improvements did U make.?
He had  a  simple answer that was not  surprising at all. Mithun said i have never had my swing recorded  before never knew how i hit ,so went to him for recording to see how i hit !.  Did it improve   No  just wanted to know  was the answer . Do you want to make any changes? he said NO?
his golf  swing is far from what book describe  as the correct golf swing That does not bother him  nor his relatively short distance,as he is so confident of getting the ball to  where he wants with ease any  time any place.Nothing bothers him
He has no  special meals as mother say  mostly  Dhal Rice Fish Vegetable and Fruits. Nothing special  as food nor any thing special as golfer. Just a normal life like any   other.

Today he is a formidable player Judging by  the form  Mithun is likely  to make  this 2014 a turning point in the history of Asian Golf.
Whatever the size , whatever the method what ever the physical structure, whatever the distance  -Mithun will be a winner

It is a pleasure indeed to see him roll on the fairways like  a tiny ball from far with a deadly precision of hitting  ball to target.Once  coconut  the Asian tour Thai Golfer said to Damaru Golf (DG) Mithun is the straightest hitter of the ball in the world. DG agrees this what one can do with a push hit.Once the direction of the hit is made by a push one needs only to master the distance. No fanciful golf  shots are needed. Stay on the fairway- go- green on regulations in long holes place the ball by the pin  make the birdie  While the long hitters pass him at the tee but reach green with same number of shots  to make two puts or more.Not Mithun

That is the game of golf -hitting ball to the target correct target.
Mithun smiles all the time win or lose

More... on equipment said to Damaru Golf I prefer my old clubs i do not think every new club gives a better hit !   correct said Damaru Golf   what matters is how you feel the club.If you found any club that make you feel good  stay with it as long as possible.IT IS NOT A COMMON SIGHT TO SEE TOP PRO S  with worn out club heads-

On ,What is needed to  to improve Sri Lanka's  professional golf.
Mithun said action of Any person interested in developing the game who understand the game the needs- and above all who has all  the time needed to provide conditions  favorable for the talent to mature in to world standards.  I am lucky as my father was  there to help.He is my best adviser.
I talk to him every day.He is not bothered whether i  win or not DamarU GolF Believes  Mithun will stay firmly on the ground despite fame and riches to come now that he has beaten current Asian tour no 3 Lahiri .That win with admirable scores will indeed be  a  turning point in his carrier.

2014 professional golf tour rankings

Golf  like any other artistic endeavors are played off skills within spontaneously, instinctively

they have theirs we have ours  SRI-LANKAN WAYS