Agony and the ecstacy..@RCGC

Tifeagle greens at RCGC  from 22-11-2013 Hurrah------

Agony and the ecstasy at RCGC 

Day 3 feed back   ALL SMILES

Tiger joy of a 20 footer with break- right - can be done when the lines are true. Now U can do this at RCGC

Day 3 feed back  24 THE  ON NOV 2013 – all players had one comment – yes all had one to say greens are good. So  it is evident RCGC  have a fine group of players who are very rounded when it come to criticism and appreciation.Probably  There  have never  been a  situation  in the past  @ RCGC where a positive comment is unanimous. Well done RCGC  .
With  this appreciation comes  the enormous responsibility of retaining the evolved greens and giving even better speed  like minimum 9  up to 10 normal days. 12 competition days.
Do not forget the rough edges all over - get them to match the greens

 impressive  post card picture like setting-joy to play at RCGC

An advancement easily measurable @ RCGC  golfing facility that will go on the history books . True Greens

Tifeagle greens  Improve Speed, Consistency  Overall putting satisfaction. Color green of the grass will remain quite stable under tropical heat.greens  will remain with Less Thatch Buildup .Grass can be cut to very low heights giving allowing speeds unto 13.

Building these greens required enormous amount of precision work. Maintenance of these greens will require even more professional work to keep the greens in pristine condition.

In a period of  over a century of existence there was never  an anticipated ecstatic state like this Friday  22-11-2013 where golfers at RCGC will experience total exhilaration of putting on a real greens; 

Looks of the new greens indicates  better functional ability in terms of speed and lines of ball roll ie. ball will roll true not zig zag. MacBride Foursomes 2013  players today will give feedback on the greens.

True ball  roll along true intended  lines will reduce the number of lucky/unlucky unexpected breaks, experienced in the past. 

1st nine scores are expected to be higher today than normal if the greens bear a speed of 9 or more today.21-11-13
-Finger Touch- yesterday indicated speeds - somewhere at 8.5. That's extremely good considering the past performance of RCGC greens.
By dusk some sandy patches   were visible. Probably due to new sand additions. Hopefully they will sink when watering to show patch less greens. 

Agonizing was the time golfers were directed to use a patch of questionable fairways as greens. The experience is beyond any possible words that can describe  the agonizing state of putting one has to experience, over those fairway greens. Yes, the agony is over as nature tells us that agony always ends with ecstasy.

From Friday 22nd November on wards, this will be the state –ecstasy-for all golfers at RCGC.    Well done RCGC
Unfortunately ecstasy ends with a start of another agony. This will come quicker than the nature where tsunamis do not come that often  .
Lock the mind to face the next set of  fairways  from the 10th to the 18th as  greens.

That's little different to nature hence difficult for RCGC golfers to face. Damaru Golf  was wondering whether there is any possibility of having two greens where ever possible, such as the  present green on the 3rd hole so that one green is under maintenance and the other is for play.
.   Royal Club in Colombo is  evolving slowly to be a better club ,good enough to produce champions. Greens were a major part of the game that needed total adjustment when playing overseas . That hurdle will be eased    when greens are maintained  to give a speed of 9 on most days . That will be an enormous responsibility for green keepers as excuses will not accepted.

Much of a golf course keeper's reputation rides on the quality of greens.

It takes an intense management program to deliver the putting speed and consistency to meet demands of the players for the joy of the game, as now  matured  RCGC  club players are beginning to demand better greens. With TifEagle greens, the task of maintenance will no longer be easy. The grass is a hybrid variety of  Bermuda grass that has replaced TifDwarf in evolution ,due to better roll surface and is the 3rd generation grass of Bermuda.
RCGC Greens . RCGC  indeed professionally done . . Currently the course officials are elated like a newly a acquired toy Hopefully the enthusiasm will remain in the years to come

Well done   Royal club. of Golf in Colombo

it will be nice getting the rims of the bunkers neat and tidy to match the current greens. Even the buggy/foot  paths  can be restored to give a more professional looking course. Such minor do-ups are not costly.

bunker  lines can be clear

   paths can be neat, 
untidy collars can effect the greens dramatically as the invasion of unwanted microbes form the collar

goodness - what a state  of the green -picked one from the second nine-they will undergo similar treatment soon, tighten  belts for another  6 months or so Here  comes the AGONY - AWAIT ecstasy by MID 2015 

-DamarU  GolF- sri Lanka chapter

Finally ,may we say   Crude edges of the course, ie  bunkers lines ,  green collars, foot paths, buggy paths  must be cured, if not RCGC course will look like an old   women with a set OF new teeth. The Tiff eagle greens

 after tiff-eagle 
before and after tiff eagle and after curing  rough edges